Water and Fire Features

Water And Fire Features in Omaha, NE

Firepits1 Water and fire features are popular additions to many landscaping projects. From simple fire pits to extravagant waterfalls, Nature’s Intent can make your Omaha home or business more visually appealing and enjoyable.

Whether you choose a fire pit or an elaborate fireplace, the Omaha landscaping professionals of Nature’s Intent will make your fire feature custom to your needs. We can install either gas or wood burning features, as well as set barbeques and build outdoor ovens. Fire features can also extend the time you spend outside to include late fall and early spring.

water1Water features, sometimes known as water gardens, are a trend growing in popularity. Water features create an atmosphere of relaxation with sounds of a babbling brook, the look of Water Lilies in full bloom or Koi glistening from a sunny day. These enhance a landscape by taking an uninteresting portion of space and creating a calming feature through waterfalls, ponds, and fountains. Our water features are customizable, so you can choose how large, and what all will be included, whether water lilies, Koi fish, or even underwater lighting.

Add Value To Your Omaha Home

Both water and fire features add value and help extend the living space of your Omaha home or business by creating a focal point that’s entertaining and welcoming for your family or employees, guests or clients.

Let us also help with the maintenance of your water and fire features. See our “Landscape Maintenance” page to see what we can do to keep your water and fire features looking fresh and enjoyable.

For a free estimate, contact us to discuss how we can add a water and fire feature to your landscape project or idea.