Retaining Walls and Patios

Retaining Walls And Patios in Omaha, NE

walls3Retaining walls and patios can add an aesthetically pleasing visual to your Omaha home or business’s landscape project.

Having a properly installed retaining wall is important for your safety and the protection of your home. The Omaha landscaping professionals of Nature’s Intent will start with a proper foundation when installing your large or small retaining wall to avoid any buckling or shifting. We can install free standing walls, seating walls, terraces, segmental retaining walls (SRW), or simple garden walls to help keep your plants safe from unwanted visitors. For a more natural look, we can install a boulder wall, using various sizes of rock and put in plants such as creeping sedum to continue the natural look.

Custom Patio Design

Patios7Our Omaha residential landscaping team can customize your patio to suit your needs, while also staying within your budget. Patios are a simple way to add living space to your outdoor area. We can design yours in any shape or size to fit your landscape. Various stones are also available to create a dramatic contrast or give a bold, consistent look with matching stones. If your patio isn’t right next to your home, we can add a walkway that will match the look of your patio, with lighting to illuminate the way. See our “Landscape Lighting” page for more details.

Our professionals are certified with the National Concrete & Masonry Association and their work holds up to the standards of the NCMA.

For a free estimate, contact us to discuss your next patio project or adding a retaining wall to your landscape project.