Landscape Maintenance

Omaha Landscape Maintenance

Plantings7Keeping up with the landscape maintenance for your Omaha home or business can take a lot of time and effort. Our job doesn’t have to stop once the installation is complete and we do more than just mow the lawn. Let Nature’s Intent help with your landscape maintenance, keeping it looking as beautiful as the day it was done. We can:

• Trim and prune your shrubs and trees to promote healthy growth
• Check the foundation of retaining walls to make sure there are no weak spots or cracks as well as do any necessary repairs
• Clean water features to keep them fresh-looking and free-flowing
• Clean out fire features to prevent carbonization of the soot and debris
• Replace missing or broken stones and pavers in patios, walls, and walkways
• Clean out flower beds and replant annuals
• Remove weeds and use various forms of prevention to stop regrowth
• Replace any broken or faded items such as landscape lighting
• Do a Fall clean up to get your yard prepared for the Omaha winters
• Re-mulch your flowerbeds each Spring
• Aerated your lawn to help stimulate new root growth and develop resilient grass to the harsh winters and summers of Omaha, NE

High Quality Landscape Maintenance

With our certified and seasoned staff, Nature’s Intent will provide you with the highest quality of landscape maintenance service for your Omaha home or business.

Additional fees may apply for replacement of stones or other landscape supplies.

For a free estimate of landscape maintenance, contact us to discuss how we can help keep your landscape and hardscape beautiful.