Do It Yourselfer Design

Full-Color Design For The “Do-It-Yourselfer”

portfolioIf you’re more of a do-it-yourself type than you are creative, Nature’s Intent can help. We can put together a full-color landscape, hardscape, or garden landscape design for your Omaha home or business that’s not only beautiful, but easy to follow. We’ll also give suggestions on:

• Where the best place are to buy supplies that fit your budget
• The best tools to use
• The different techniques we use to make the job go smoothly
• Plants that are indigenous to the Omaha area, or will grow best in your yard
• Which stones and pavers to use, as well as alternatives, that will match the flow of your Omaha home

We will provide a list of codes, ordinances, regulations and let you know how to contact the proper departments for your area of Omaha, NE. This way you won’t caught in the middle of your do-it-yourself project without the proper paperwork and will help keep you safe as you create your new personal living space.

Extra help when you need it

Think this do-it-yourself project may be more than one person can handle? Find yourself at a cross roads in the middle of the project? We are also available if you need an extra hand or guidance no matter what the stage of your do-it-yourself project.

After your project is finished, keep your landscape or hardscape looking as good as it did when it was completed. Take a look at our “Landscape Maintenance” page for services we offer. If you want to continue the “do-it-yourself” into your maintenance, ask us for tips and advice.

For a free estimate, contact us to discuss your next do-it-yourself outdoor project or idea.